Forget Sandy, tickets for the Yale Symphony Orchestra’s Fall Show have become the hottest topic in town.

After tickets for the YSO show sold out soon after they were released, students have been forced to look at alternative solutions to obtain passes to the highly-anticipated annual Halloween Show. Some have taken to Facebook to convey their requests, offering up to $20 per seat, while others have tried to swap their tickets with friends for seating in different locations, such as the orchestra section or balcony.

In addition, some stealthy students are taking the opportunity to offer their tickets for ridiculously high prices. Others have taken to auctions to sell their tickets to the highest bidder.

One quick-thinking student, Ike Lee ’15, offered his extra ticket on the Yale 2015 Facebook group for upwards of $25.

“Highest offer is now $25,” he wrote. “Message me with something higher if you want.”

Looks like someone has mastered the concept of supply and demand.