Keep your body parts in check. A massive ginkgo tree in the Timothy Dwight courtyard lost a limb Monday night after the howling winds ripped one of the upper branches off the tree. In a Monday email to the TD community, TD Master Jeffrey Brenzel said he expects the tree to withstand its injuries, adding that he and TD Dean John Loge had personal stakes in the tree’s well-being.

Not Benjamin Franklin. A group of three students was spotted bravely attempting to fly a kite over Cross Campus yesterday afternoon. But when a police car pulled up and turned on its siren, the daredevils quickly fled the scene.

Dress to impress. The Yale Club of New York City opened its doors Monday to Yalies who were stranded in the city and waiting for the trains to begin running. In addition, the club’s strict dress code was temporarily relaxed to house the wandering stragglers.

For the lucky few. Only students directly affected by the storm, such as those residing in the Northeast, will be permitted to turn in their Early Action applications to Yale by the extended Nov. 5 deadline. All other applicants must turn in their materials by the original Nov. 1 deadline, though teachers living in the Northeast can submit their letters of recommendation by Nov. 5.

And the resilient few. The impending storm did not stop a few tourists from sightseeing Yale. Several tour groups were spotted on Cross Campus taking photos in front of Sterling Memorial Library and Berkeley College around noon on Monday, despite the ominous clouds gathering overhead.

Mad dash for the goodies. In the face of danger, Yalies took the opportunity to stock up on food. One student was spotted running across High Street shielding a box of Insomnia Cookies from the storm, while others were seen stashing extra snacks and fruit from their residential colleges’ dining halls. One group even stocked up on Tropicana cranberry juice to use as drink mixers for upcoming social events.

‘One with the darkness.’ Morse Master Amy Hungerford cautioned Morse students yesterday against riding their college’s elevators in the event of a power outage. In addition, she reminded students not to light candles if the power were to go out, telling them instead to “become one with the darkness.”

2001 Administrators express mixed reactions to the Yale Admissions Office’s plan to build a website that will announce admission decisions online.