UPDATE 4:56 p.m.: Yale imposed a 5:30 p.m. curfew in an email sent to the Yale community from the emergency alert system. The email asked students to return to their residences by 5:30 and remain there until further notice tomorrow morning.

The masters of at least two residential colleges have issued a curfew starting at 3 p.m. Monday, while masters of other residential colleges have urged students to stay inside their residence halls. While all messages to the colleges have implored students to be safe in the face of the storm, the responses of the masters and deans have differed from college to college.

Berkeley College Master Marvin Chun and Jonathan Edwards College Master Penelope Laurans emailed their colleges shortly before 3 p.m. with instructions of a 3 p.m. curfew issued by Yale. Davenport College Master Richard Schottenfeld, Morse College Master Amy Hungerford and Silliman College Master Judith Krauss also told students by email not to go outside, but did not mention an actual curfew. Saybrook Master Paul Hudak informed students that the University may put a curfew into place soon and that students should stay indoors. Branford College Master Elizabeth Bradley warned about severe weather and asked Branford students to take the storm seriously in an email sent around noon.

Vice President Linda Lorimer stated in an email to the Yale community yesterday that the University would impose a curfew Monday, with details dependent on the severity of the storm.

The curfew is in place until further notice, and Chun and Laurans said it will continue through tonight. The announcement is in line with the state’s recommendation to stay indoors.

Both Chun and Laurans warned against venturing outside before Yale lifts the curfew, no matter how mild the weather appears, to avoid the danger of falling tree limbs. Chun and Schottenfeld advised students who live in Old Campus and Swing Space to rely on the provisions the residential colleges distributed yesterday instead of walking to a dining hall.