Saved by the bell. Or weather. The Yale Admissions Office has extended the deadline for Early Action applicants to midnight on Nov. 5 in light of Hurricane Sandy, which is expected to hit New Haven this morning. The extension, which gives students an additional four days to complete their application, will also apply to supporting documents sent on an applicant’s behalf.

Celebrating her life. For her 23rd birthday, friends of Marina Keegan ’12 produced a tribute of the late writer’s work, selecting their favorite quotations from Keegan’s writings and taking photos of those quotes in places they found meaningful. One of the quotes chosen read “There can always be a better thing!” while another said “What we have to remember is that we can still do anything.”

Bursting our foam bubble. Ending decades of tradition and the rampant spread of pink eye, Toad’s Place has announced that it will temporarily suspend foam parties until further notice because the club’s insurance carrier would not cover the soapy events. As of now, it remains unclear whether this policy will be permanent.

They think he can. Sixty-eight Nobel Laureates, including seven Yalies, have signed an open letter endorsing Barack Obama for president. In the letter, the scientists argued that Obama has remained committed to science-based decision making and investments in science and technology research.

In other election news. Former Yale lineman Pat Moran ’12 was forced to resign from his father’s — U.S. Representative Jim Moran (D-VA) — re-election campaign after the younger Moran was caught on video considering a plan to cast up to 100 fraudulent ballots. The plan, which involved voting in the place of 100 registered citizens who rarely voted, would have required forged utility bills and bank statements.

And still more election drama. Yale alum Amy Biviano ’97, who is running for a legislative seat in Spokane Valley, Wash., has come under fire for appearing topless in a 1995 Playboy photo shoot that featured “Women of the Ivy League.” Biviano has defended her decision as a confidence-building experience.

Second the best? For employers, Yale graduates are the second-most desirable in the world, falling only behind Harvard, according to a recent survey published in The New York Times.

THIS DAY IN YALE HISTORY 1993 Yale Police officers complain about the department’s new location, which recently moved from Broadway to York Street.