Pat Moran ’12, a two-year starter for Yale as a defensive lineman, resigned as field director for his father’s — U.S. Representative Jim Moran — reelection campaign after the younger Moran was caught on tape discussing a plan to cast up to 100 fraudulent ballots.

In a taped conversation, Pat Moran is approached by an undercover reporter who pitches a plan to vote in the place of 100 registered voters in Virginia’s 8th Congressional District — which Rep. Jim Moran represented — who rarely voted. The plan would call for forged utility bills and bank statements to meet proper identification requirements for Virginia’s voter registration laws.

“Look at the law,” Pat Moran says to the undercover reporter in the video. “It has to be a utility bill or something like that … so you have to forge it.”

Though Pat Moran initially expressed doubts about the plan, he eventually tells the undercover reporter to “look into it,” even offering tips on who the undercover reporter should contact and recommending that he call the 100 individuals to ensure they are not planning on voting.

The campaign released a statement about Pat Moran’s resignation on Wednesday, attributing his actions to an “error in judgement.”

While at Yale, Pat Moran was a two-year starter for the Bulldogs. In 2011 he was named the Yale Defensive Lineman of the Year, finishing that year with 12 total tackles, one sack and one blocked kick.