The great, grinding gears of history inched irrevocably closer to the 2012 apocalypse on Sunday night when freshmen in Ezra Stiles Stiles College were emailed a link to a YouTube video that featured the FroCos and staff of Ezra Stiles College lip-syncing to “Gangnam Style” by South Korean pop-superstar PSY.

Dubbed “FroCo Style,” the video begins with Kim McCabe ’13 quietly strumming a guitar and offering words of advice to freshmen weighed down by midterm stress. This moment of pastoral repose, however, is quickly destroyed as the bassline of PSY’s viral hits, throwing viewers into a scene of dancing FroCos and an anthropomorphic moose. A series of scenes flood the video, including one of Ezra Stiles Master Stephen Pitti ’91 rocking a pair of inappropriately large sunglasses. His wife, son, assorted FroCos, and members of the Stiles Master’s Office are also featured in the video.

Master Pitti ’91 deferred all praise for the creation of the video to Laura Tunbridge ’13 and “the world’s best freshman counselor team.” Tunbridge commented that the “Gangnam” video is a follow-up to the video parody of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” that the FroCos created for the Stiles freshmen in August.

There was no mention of when more videos would appear, but Tunbridge did say that she felt lucky to be part of Stiles’s “fun-loving, tight-knit community.”