Last week, the Yale College Council released its Spring Fling survey asking students for input on who they’d like to see perform at next spring’s drunken bacchanalia (as if it really mattered, anyway). But, in the spirit of Yale-inspired research, I went ahead and talked to a range of students about their thoughts on the potential artists and who they’d really like to see in April.

Who would you most like to see at Spring Fling next year?

Of those listed in the survey:

Childish Gambino, Fun., and B.o.B. I’ve heard B.o.B does a good live show. — Nick Styles ’14

Lana Del Rey–she is just fabulous. Her music is unique, dark and definitely a little sexy. I also have a weak spot for indie music as I get to flirt with the idea of being all hipster and shit. — Cristabelle Ormiston ’16

All others:

I would actually go see Taylor Swift. Would she bring the Kennedys? — Justin Sider GRD ’14

Adele or Florence and the Machine… Strong female vocal leads seem to reveal a different point of view on classical relationships. — Peter Wyckoff ’16

On the one hand, it would be totally holy if Justin Timberlake were to come, but I would also pressure Yale to consider such bands as The Dirty Projectors. — David Gorin GRD ’14

Frank Ocean and Miguel. They’re just lovely. — Charlene Ramos ’12

Beyoncé! That’s a definite! And then Rihanna. — Kris Harvey ’12

Can you describe your experience from past Spring Flings?

T-Pain was terrible. Don’t ever get him again. Lupe started attacking rich people, but he was good as a performing artist. — Nick Styles ’14

It was horrifying to see Third Eye Blind. Seeing the bands that were on the radio when you were 14 is not something most of us would want to see happen. MGMT was entertaining for the two good songs that they’ve actually written. — Justin Sider GRD ’14

T-Pain did a freestyle rap about privileged white people, and it was really awkward because we go to Yale. — Leah Chernoff ’15

It could be Robyn, Fun, Old Crow Medicine Show or Busta Rhymes, but if things go really well and an online petition to bring Taylor Swift to Spring Fling proves successful, we’ll probably be too busy dancing to “Fearless” and “Love Story” to notice anything she says.