Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg spoke at a Davenport Master’s Tea on Thursday. Couldn’t get in because you’re not in Dport? You’re in luck — here are some of her more quotable moments:

“Oh, if I had any talent God could give me I’d be a great diva.”

“Well, [asking me] which [of my dissenting opinions] am I proudest of is like asking me which of my four grandchildren I’m proudest of.”

“The press always pays attention to the 5-4 splits. It doesn’t pay attention to the court’s, I think, quite remarkable unanimity rate. 5-4 splits are, I think, maybe 20 percent, but unanimity is 40 percent, so we agree more often than we disagree.”

“The one thing that all of us feel more than anything else is that we have a solemn obligation to leave that institution in as good a shape as we found it. So unlike the political branches of government, we can’t just vote yay or nay. We have to give reasons.”

On what she would do to promote a feminist legal agenda if she were a lawyer again:

“It’s harder now than it was once. I say that because the easy work has been done.”

On whether the Supreme Court has become more restrictive in recent years:

“It’s still early days, but it does seem that the court takes a more limited view of fundamental rights.”