Yale is plastered — literally — with sex.

The Pundits (?) have taken to the walls of Yale with massive displays of innuendo. On Wednesday afternoon, a poster for a Saybrook Master’s Tea with “Wilma Dickfit” (will it?) — alleged author of “Let’s Find Out The Hard Way” — appeared on entryways and bulletin boards across campus.

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For some, the general “that’s what she said” nature of the posters fits perfectly into the stress-laden midterm week, providing a welcome giggle in a time of academic turmoil and period to forget that grades exist. For certain Yalies, the overload of innuendo may be just the thing that brightens a gloomy, test-ridden day.

But for others, the posters may not be such a laughing matter. In light of the recent scrutiny on the University’s sexual climate — the Department of Education just ended its Title IX investigation into Yale last summer — this poster may be yet another example of the campus’s troublingly light-hearted attitudes toward sex.

Read the text of the full promotional poster below:

Join Wilma Dickfit in discussing the release of her big new hardcover. Dickfit hopes her work will encourage independent thought and action; she hopes to inspire well-intentioned amateurism and creativity. Dickfit said it’s “totally cool” if you cannot attend, but please RSVP no.

Refreshments will be covered by your tuition.