For students staying in New Haven, this year’s new October recess can be more than just rest and relaxation.

The Yale College Dean’s Office, or YCDO, sent out an e-mail Monday night outlining the activities and services available to students during next week’s fall break, which runs from Wednesday, Oct. 24, through Sunday, Oct. 28. The events, which include Yale-sponsored bus trips to New York City and discounted movie tickets, provide students staying in New Haven with cheaper transportation, several off-campus activities and academic workshops. According to a Yale College Council survey sent out last week, 870 out of 1149 students said they plan to remain on campus during the recess, said YCC Events Director Bryan Epps ’14.

Dean of Student Affairs Marichal Gentry said the Yale College Dean’s Office worked with other organizations to offer additional activities for students staying on campus so they can take advantage of the break from normal academic schedules.

“It’s a long span of time to have no break between August and Thanksgiving break, and this new fall break provides a welcome pause in the action,” Gentry said. “For those Yalies staying in New Haven, we recognized that it would be helpful to provide some services.”

The YCDO worked together with Vice President for Student Life Kim Goff-Crews ’83 LAW ’86, the YCC, WYBC radio station and the Undergraduate Organizations Committee to organize the events and services during fall break. On Tuesday evening, the YCDO will sponsor a block party on High Street with food vendors and a DJ. Later in the week, the Writing Center will provide writing workshops and the Science and Quantitative Reasoning Center will offer open houses with tutors, science and quantitative courses and research opportunities. In addition, the University plans to host a bowling night and a trip to Westfarms Mall in Farmington, Conn., as well as a bus ride to New York City for a day trip and another for the Yale-Columbia football game.

The YCC survey also asked students to outline potential activities they would like to see over the recess.

YCC President John Gonzalez ’14 said that most students requested discounted bus trips to New York City. Epps added that he thinks the YCC — together with the Dean’s Office and the other collaborating groups — was able to accomodate most other events students suggested.

Besides the activities offered, students will be able to eat brunch and dinner in all residential college dining halls throughout the break. The YCC had previously worked on this intiative over the summer, Gonzalez said.

All students interviewed said they think the cheaper bus tickets to New York City are the most helpful service offered by the University during fall break. Two students said that it was “refreshing” to see Yale recognize that not all students can leave school for break.

Sophia Jia ’14 said she thinks that if the YCDO had notified students of these services and activities earlier, some students who have now made plans to go away for fall break may have decided to stay on campus.

Seyi Adeyinka ’15 said she is impressed by the range of activities and opportunities offered in Gentry’s email, but added that she does not think all are applicable to all undergraduates.

“The block party was a creative event,” she said. “On the other hand, the workshops are probably the last thing I would want to go to during break. For the freshmen however, they might be helpful.”

All emergency services will operate their normal schedule during fall break.