If you’re not in Berkeley and planned to eat in the dining hall today, you may want to think again.

In an effort to avoid overcrowding, Berkeley College Master Marvin Chun submitted a proposal — which was recently approved — to Yale Dining and the Council of Masters last week that would close Berkeley’s dining hall for dinner to non-Berkeley students two Mondays each month, when the college hosts Berkeley Fellows’ dinners. On the other two Mondays, transfers will not be able to eat before 6:30 p.m.

The policy, Chun wrote in a Monday newsletter to Berkeley students, aims to “alleviate the unsustainable demand” on Berkeley’s facilities and staff without significantly inconveniencing the dining hall staff of other residential colleges.

“I’m very grateful to you all for being so supportive and understanding of our need to balance overcrowding with our desire to be a welcoming space to the broader community,” Chun wrote in his email.

We hope this policy solves Berkeley’s utensils crisis — the college just never seems to have enough cups or forks during dinner to satisfy its huge volume of hungry customers.