For Berkeley College students, family night may now be more than just a Sunday evening occasion.

In an attempt to reduce congestion in one of the University’s most centrally-located dining halls, the college’s administrators have proposed to restrict non-Berkeley students from eating in the college for two Mondays every month. For the other two Mondays, non-Berkeley students will be allowed to eat in the dining hall after 6:30 p.m.

“The overcrowding diminishes the quality of dining for not just Berkeleyites, but all students alike,” wrote Marvin Chun, master of Berkeley College, in a Wednesday email to Berkeley students. “In addition, the demands are impossible for our staff to sustain.”

Master Chun added that an original proposal — which would have closed the dining hall to transfers on Mondays and Thursdays for both lunch and dinner — was rejected after administrators decided that such a policy would “pose an excessively severe inconvenience to students.”

Berkeley dining hall is the first residential college dining hall to close completely to non-college-affiliated students at a time other than Sunday evenings. The only other restrictions currently in place are in Ezra Stiles and Morse College dining halls, where transfers may not enter the dining halls before 6:30 p.m.