A new Twitter account popped up on tweeting Yalies’ radars early Tuesday morning. Pah, just another Yale group on campus trying to promote their social media presence… but wait, what is the name of this Twitter account? @YaleWantsTheD?!

If you’re unfamiliar with the trend in “_ Wants The D” Twitter accounts, know that this isn’t some kind of sex-fueled creation straight out of Yalies’ minds, but rather, a Yale-specific version of the popular Twitter account “She Wants The D.” To put it in a less colloquial way, the account tweets actions that a girl might do if she wanted to partake in sexual activities with a person with a penis.

While Yale’s version is similar (eg “If she’s at an ABC party give her the D”), Yale’s version is also appropriately less heteronormative than the original. For example, “If he’s in a cappella, he wants the D (and is probably getting the communal D).”

The creation of this Twitter is daring, given Yale’s recent run-ins with the media regarding sexual misconduct cases over the past few years and the various reports on and investigations into campus sexual climate. (The Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights just ended its Title IX investigation into the University’s sexual culture last June.) The Twitter, however, acknowledges this, cheekily making the tagline of the account “Consent and communication always required.”

As of Tuesday afternoon, @YaleWantsTheD was following 182 people, including the News, Fake Dean Mary Miller and a number of freshmen. It had 25 followers and had received both disses (“‘Yale Wants the D is now following you …yeahhhh actually no thanks”) and accolades (“new fav twitter @YaleWantsTheD #butactually”).