• Before last weekend, David Burt ARC ’14 never noticed the sounds that occurred around him on a daily basis. But now, he said he has become aware of the sound his footsteps make as he walks up the stairs in the School of Architecture’s Loria Center. Burt had just finished listening to keynote address of the school’s first symposium this year — “The Sound of Architecture” — which aimed to explore the relationship between buildings and their acoustic dimension. Joseph Clarke GRD ’15, who organized the symposium along with Director of Doctoral Studies in the Architecture School Kurt Forster, said he hoped to initiate discourse and critical thinking about the sonic dimension of buildings, which is too often dismissed as an afterthought.
  • The Yale Program for the Study of Antisemitism hosted its first major conference on Friday, combining a historical approach to the French-Jewish community with a contemporary political analysis. The conference, which was entitled “Antisemtism in France: Past, Present and Future,” featured 10 leading scholars of antisemtism from France, Israel and the United States and attracted an audience of roughly 70 academics, community members and graduate students, as well as a small contingent of undergraduates. Program Director and French Professor Maurice Samuels said he drew from the long history of the positive and negative treatment of French Jews and said he hoped the conference would place recent events in historical perspective.


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