Tired of scrambling to find your suitemates screw dates at the last second? Want to make sure your suitemate gets matched with someone who is described as having a “similar party intensity”?

With screw season coming up, Rafi Khan ’15 created a system to help match up people looking for screw dates: Screw Me Yale. After entering your friend’s name, you can browse matches that Screw Me Yale suggests and then filter results based on event (e.g. Davenport Screw) or partying habits. If you see someone you think is a good fit for your friend, Screw Me Yale will message whoever signed that person up; if both of you agree your friends are a good fit, you’re all set.

Khan admitted he got inspiration from elsewhere — for example, Davis Nguyen ’15 had a similar idea last year for Freshman Screw, and Yale Hackathon listed this service as one of its project ideas. But Khan’s website automates the process and is designed to match people for more than a single screw dance. Khan said he noticed a number of his friends had difficulty finding dates for their suitemates and built the app in response.

Luckily for Khan, though, he hasn’t had to use the service yet.

“I have heard about a lot of screw troubles from friends, but my suitemates haven’t really had any difficulty and I now have a girlfriend, so it’s not really an issue for me, either,” he said.

Still, Khan created the app for all the other Yalies still looking for screw dates. He said he didn’t expect the website to be widely used, but after launching just about 24 hours ago, the site has had over 1,000 unique visitors and about 500 Yalies have logged in and entered their information through CAS. The app also won Khan third place in the 2012 YCC App Challenge.