Yale isn’t the only Ivy League school looking for a new president this year.

Both Princeton and Dartmouth are also on the prowl for new presidents, and, according to Businessweek, highly-ranked Washington officials such as CIA Director Gen. David Petraeus (Princeton Ph.D. ’87) and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner (Dartmouth ’83) have been mentioned, among others, as potential heads.

Dartmouth’s search is likely to focus on more “traditional” candidates, since their last president, Jim Yong Kim, was someone from outside academia. Geithner, a third-generation Dartmouth graduate, wouldn’t fit that particular mold, but running the college might prove a smaller headache than dealing with the Treasury Department.

Princeton may be considering their Washington alumnus a bit more, since reports from The Daily Princetonian say his friends have mentioned Petraeus as a candidate. Petraeus himself even commented about his “respect and admiration for the great faculty and great student body” at Princeton, though he shied away from making any definitive comments.

While other schools may attempt to draw that star power into the fold, many think Yale does not need to look that direction. Ezra Stiles Master Stephen Pitti ’91 told Businessweek that Yale may look closer to home when considering a new leader.

Of course, if Yale were to consider a Washington insider, there are a lot of options. Depending on the outcome of this fall’s hotly-contested presidential elections, there could be a freshly-unemployed former President looking for work.