We respectfully submit our nominations for the next president of Yale University. In no particular order:

Old Spice Guy: Look at Levin, now look at this guy, now back at Levin, now back at this guy. We need a president with chiseled abs.

Eric Wenzel: Thwarting the tofu onslaught since 2004.

Daenerys Targaryen: The rightful heir to the Iron Throne. Also: dragons.

Kristen Stewart: Her affinity for older white men will make her a hit with the donors. #CheatingSkank #TeamPattison4Lyfe

Brandon Levin: We won’t even have to change the stationery.

Bob the Builder: Can we fix it? And by “it” we mean Payne Whitney.

Kanye and Jay-Z: They’ve been watching the throne.

Charlie Sheen: #winning #TitleIX

Bruce Wayne: Elm City, Gotham City. Mayor DeStefano could use a dark knight.

Emilio Zapata: Viva!

The manager at Celtica: Thanks to her, New Haven’s sole purveyor of Claddaghs and shamrock shirts has staved off bankruptcy. The woman would do miracles for the Yale budget.

Mitt Romney: We are the 53%.

Dick Cheney: One Dick out, another dick in.

Captain Morgan: He already makes our decisions for us anyway.

Anderson Cooper: We now know for sure that his preferences align with those of most Yale students.

Rick Levin: Four more years.

Jane Levin: If she doesn’t get the presidency, she’ll end up as secretary of state.

Peter Salovey: We hear he’s qualified or something. Mostly we just like the moustache.

Mary Miller: Kidding!

Justine Kolata: We hear she got new bunnies. Their names are “Hope” and “Change.”

Chief Justice John Roberts: Gender-neutral housing? It’s a tax.

Steve Ells, CEO of Chipotle: Never since the ¡Ay! Arepa guy has the owner of a burrito joint enjoyed so much clout with the Yale community.

Mark Zuckerberg: Young with business experience. Just make sure he doesn’t go for an IPO.

The Nation of Singapore: Rick should have read the fine print in the Yale-NUS contract.