A man and woman were arrested in Berkeley North Court Sunday evening after allegedly breaking into entryway I and stealing from a student dorm room.

Members of a suite on the third floor had left the door propped open, and the two man and woman allegedly took advantage, stealing iPods, phones, wallets and a laptop. As the man and woman left the scene via entryway I, police showed up, already alerted that two individuals were lurking in the area and trying to get into North Court, a Yale police officer at the scene said. The pair were in possession of the valuables when they were arrested. Nine police cars eventually surrounded the area, and the two suspects were questioned separately.

The alleged robberies follow an incident earlier in the evening, when the Yale Police Department responded to an assault at Temple and George Streets in which the victim had been knocked down and unconscious. The description of the suspects in this attack — a tall man in a gray hooded sweatshirt with a shorter “tomboyish” female, also in a hooded sweatshirt — matched the description of the robbers, so one police officer on the scene linked the two events.

CORRECTION: Sept. 17, 2012

An earlier version of this article stated that the theft occurred in entryway H. The suspects are accused of stealing from entryway I.