1) Bluebooked at 1 a.m. the day that OCI went live.

And now you’re already complaining about the classes you were so excited about.

2) Searched for the Toad’s of whatever city you were in.

And then realized there’s no place like Toad’s.

3) Talked about what a relief it was to be in the “real world.”

It’s so nice to escape from all the pressures of having no responsibilities.

4) Actually missed Yale Dining.

You got a craving for tofu apple scramble, probably while eating a bread sandwich in your kitchen.

5) Picked up a hobby you’ve already given up.

Knitting, playing the oboe, sleeping.

6) Said “let’s Skype” to 15 different people, then never did.

It’s the summer version of “let’s get a meal sometime.”

7) Tried to avoid telling the other interns what school you went to.

But subtly implied that it was somewhere really prestigious.

8) “Found yourself ” in a foreign country.

You just love the lifestyle there so much. It’s, like, so laid back.

9) Realized your “dream job” is actually soul-crushingly boring.

This one applies only to those working in finance or consulting.

10) Killed somebody.

Just kidding. Unless you’re Jennifer Love Hewitt.