Check your friends’ ID cards, Elis — you never can tell who’s eating pancakes next to you in Commons.

For the past few weeks, a woman calling herself “Rhea Sen” has been pretending to be a freshman at Columbia University, the Columbia Daily Spectator reports. Her real name, according to authorities, is Briva Patel, and she’s not a freshman. She’s 26.

Claiming to be a student from Philadelphia, Patel attended freshman orientation events for two weeks before she was removed from campus for trespassing. Students got suspicious when she gave inconsistent dorm room info and wouldn’t provide a student ID. A Facebook page for Rhea Sen only has nine friends.

This isn’t the first time in recent memory that impostors have tried to lie their way into an Ivy. Esther Reed duped her way into Columbia as a grad student five years ago, and Yale’s own Akash Maharaj was caught falsifying his previous academic records in 2008. And who could forget Adam Wheeler, who faked his way into Harvard?

Because we know everyone’s thinking it: