City residents gathered Wednesday to discuss the future of the New Haven Green.

Project for Public Spaces (PPS), a nonprofit consulting group hired by the city the proprietors of the Green, held a public meeting in the Hall of Records Wednesday night to ask city residents what they would like to see on the New Haven Green. PPS, commissioned to help make the Green more inviting, asked attendees to suggest possible uses for the land.

The meeting’s few dozen attendees split into groups and visited different parts of the Green to interview residents and assess the park using specific metrics: sociability, uses and activities, comfort, image and access, the New Haven Register reported. Most said they would like to see more activities and entertainment take place on the Green, and one resident described the Green as “boring” and “dead” to the Register.

The Green’s uses were at the center of a debate this spring between Occupy New Haven and city officials. While Occupy New Haven spent nearly six months living on the Green, the city evicted the protest encampment with the backing of federal courts and began an effort to rehabilitate the damaged Green.

The proprietors of the Green, members of a group which traces its history back to the colonial era, hope to have a plan for the Green in place by April 2013 for the city’s 375th birthday, according to the Register.