The Yale College Democrats have been running a “Change Is” campaign since February, and in that time, it’s caught on at campuses nationwide.

In the campaign, the Dems ask students what change means to them. Then they compile a YouTube ad supporting President Barack Obama that features the results. Since then, the campaign has spread to the University of Scranton, University of Texas and Iowa State University. Ohio State University submitted photos to the Change Is website on Wednesday, making it the most recent addition to the campaign. National political figures have gotten involved, too, from former Vermont governor and Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean to U.S. Rep. Barney Frank.

Josh Rubin ’14, the Dems’ elections coordinator who organized the project, said the campaign is an attempt to show students that their voices can still be heard among the flood of ads from SuperPACs.

“We put this project together with time, creativity and a college student budget of $0,” Rubin said. “We’re very excited that the campaign is getting students excited in other states.”

Anyone can submit a photo to the campaign explaining to the world what they think change is. Answers have ranged from “Change is repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” to “Change is tax cuts for those who need them.”