An email to students Wednesday afternoon lampooned the recent confusion over the Yale College Council presidential race.

“YCC Elections Committee” — email address — emailed students claiming that it had overlooked another clause in the YCC’s election rules. (Read more about the first overlooked clause here.) The clause, as it turns out, invalidates John Gonzalez’ ’14 victory in the presidential race and Aly Moore’s ’14 win in the race for UOFC chair.

At issue, according to the email, was a little known part of the YCC Constitution: Article VII, Section 4, Clause J.

“The YCC Constitution specifies that if a candidate has a given name of four or seventeen letters, or a name that ends in the letter Y, they are prohibited from running in the election, unless they win by a margin of EXACTLY 43.9975835562 percent,” said the email. “Trust us, this will make sense someday.”

Neither Gonzalez nor Moore won by a margin of 43.9975835562 percent, but we’re pretty sure their victories stand. We missed hearing from you, Pundits. It’s been awhile.