It’s here. Bunches of prefrosh will arrive on campus today for Bulldog Days, which brings various bazaars and open houses to campus until Wednesday. The News welcomes prefrosh, and hopes they enjoy their stay in New Haven.

Stiles festivities. Ezra Stiles College played host to two celebrations this weekend. First, on Saturday, a petting zoo brought cuddly animals to the college’s courtyard. And while many students celebrated Easter a week ago, on Sunday the Stiles courtyard hosted a celebration in honor of Orthodox Easter, which comes later because the Eastern Church uses the Julian calendar.

Everyone loves it. In an email to Silliman students, Dean Hugh Flick invited Sillimanders to watch Sunday night’s episode of the HBO series “Game of Thrones” in Silliflicks.

Shout-out. An article in the New York Times about the apps students use on college campuses included among its selections “Fast Track,” an app that allows students to see how crowded a dining hall is before taking the leap. Also included was the Yale Fruit Report, a Twitter account run by “Eli and Nathalie” that gives students the lowdown on the campus’s best fruit options.

A new venue. Moving beyond men’s hockey and football games, the Yale Precision Marching Band played at softball and baseball games this weekend.

You thought it was over. Sunday night was tap night for Yale’s endlessly prestigious junior societies. One young man was spotted wearing a skirt and singing Britney Spears outside Starbucks. Others were in similar states.

Awarded. Chemistry professor Seth Herzon and astronomy professor Daisuke Nagai were both awarded Cottrell Scholar Awards for their research and teaching in the sciences. The award, given out by the Research Corporation for Science Advancement, comes with a $75,000 prize.

Justice? Before he visited Yale last Thursday, Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan was held at customs in White Plains, N.Y., for two hours. He’d been detained at customs once before, in a 2009 incident that led to an apology on the part of the United States. Once again, immigrations officials expressed their “profound” apologies for detaining Khan.


1970 More than 400 students vote to demand that the Yale Corporation give $500,000 to the Panther Legal Defense Fund, to support Black Panthers on trial in New Haven.