John Gonzalez ’14 won a three-way race for Yale College Council president on Friday, edging out Cristo Liautaud ’14 and Eric Eliasson ’14 to become Yale’s student government leader for the 2012-’13 academic year.

Reached Friday evening after learning the results, Gonzalez said he feels “so very blessed” about his victory, and said he dedicates the win to “every person I met when I was campaigning.”

“I’m ready to get the ball rolling,” he said.

Other winners include:

Vice President: Debby Abramov ’14

Secretary: Leandro Leviste ’15

Treasurer: Joey Yagoda ’14

Events Director: Bryan Epps ’14

But the elections aren’t over yet — the YCC will hold a runoff election on Monday for the position of UOFC chair, as the margin separating Aly Moore ’14 and Bobby Dresser ’14 was less than 5 percent.