Nathan Kohrman ’15, a candidate for YCC treasurer, said he first felt inspired to participate in student government during Bulldog Days one year ago: The executive board elections were happening that same week, and his host, then-YCC presidential hopeful Brandon Levin ’13, spoke enthusiastically about the organization.

“He said that FCC and YCC were some of the most rewarding and fun things he had done at Yale, so I decided to run for FCC,” Kohrman said.

Now an aspiring YCC treasurer, Kohrman served as Freshman Class Council chair last semester and remains an FCC representative. He also became Saybrook College’s YCC representative this semester, after the previous representative stepped down from the position.

With these roles, Kohrman said that he has experience with budgeting funds, leading committees and moderating conversation, which he said are necessary for him to succeed in the role of treasurer. He helped the FCC raise a $1000 surplus from the sale of Harvard-Yale football game T-shirts and the YCC coordinate its summer storage program, which he said is now more accessible and expected to save the student body $50,000.

“The position matches the experiences and the skill set I have,” Kohrman said, adding that because he currently sits on seven different committees in the YCC — academics, events, dining, sexual harassment, 10k, spring fling and communications — he is well informed of issues on campus.

Kohrman’s six-point platform includes expanding the summer storage program, as well as more efficiently allocating funds to student initiatives. He also hopes to organize a fellowship fair with Undergraduate Career Services, where students can put themselves on mailing lists relevant to their plans and interests.

In addition, Kohrman said he aims to push for a revised printing policy so that students can print some pages for free each semester, heighten transparency of the YCC budget and expand discounts for Yalies at local restaurants.

Victoria Hall-Palerm ’15, Kohrman’s campaign manager who met him in Directed Studies classes, described Kohrman as “trustworthy, approachable and passionate” about his FCC and YCC endeavors. She added that she has not seen him take anything as seriously as his student government efforts.

Outside of his involvement in YCC and FCC, Kohrman is a member of the Baker’s Dozen and the Yale Drama Coalition.