Joey Yagoda ’14 said he can’t wait to start knocking on doors. Throughout this week’s YCC campaign, he said he plans to go door-to-door to speak with “as many people as possible.”

Yagoda, who is no stranger to student government at Yale, said his previous involvement with YCC has shaped his platform to emphasize seeking student opinion on how the YCC budget should be distributed. If elected YCC treasurer, Yagoda said he plans to integrate student needs with his plans for the budget.

This year, Yagoda served as a Yale College Council representative and as Calhoun College Council secretary. During his freshman year, he served as FCC secretary.

As YCC treasurer, Yagoda hopes to tackle issues such as how to improve dining, treatment of students at Yale Health, and relations with students living off campus or involved in Greek life, he said.

“[As a YCC member], I just saw how important it is to channel student voices with [the] administration,” Yagoda said, adding that he also plans to publicize more information about the winners of the annual 10K initiative following the event and invest more money in the FCC and Sophomore Class Council budgets.

Yagoda chaired the YCC Gender-Neutral Housing Committee and wrote the report which led to the expansion of gender-neutral housing to juniors. He also chaired the Sophomore Seminar Committee and said that serving on these policy groups allowed him to learn how to work with the administration to seek reform.

“I know how to chair a committee and get things done,” he said. “I would want to be a YCC treasurer who not only manages finances but also takes an active role in policy initiatives.”

Earlier this term, Yagoda said he also started to help plan events, which showed him just how closely events and financing need to work together. He spearheaded efforts to host the Blue Ivy party to welcome Beyoncé’s new baby in January and the Toad’s Leap Day celebration.

Josh Rubin ’14 who served on the Sophomore Seminar Committee with Yagoda, said his work ethic is what gained his trust as a candidate.

“Some candidates run for YCC asking students to trust them because of what they say. I trust Joey to be a great YCC treasurer because of what he has already done,” Rubin said. “Joey is proactive, an effective negotiator with faculty and administration, and is first and foremost looking to deliver results for students.”

On YCC, Yagoda is currently working on planning the Mr. Yale event.