Bobby Dresser ’14 doesn’t have a campaign team. He prefers to talk to people himself, he said.

Dresser is one of three contenders in the election for chair of the Undergraduate Organizations Funding Committee, the student group which oversees funding for registered groups on campus. His plan for the position focuses on three principles: simplicity, transparency and accessibility, with the aim of making it easier to understand the funding process. He added that he wants to use the committee to advocate for changes in organization policy across the board, not just financially.

“I want people to think of the [UOFC] not as another place to go to get funding, but as the center of funding,” Dresser said.

In his bid for UOFC chair, Dresser is building on two years of experience in Yale student government. After working on the Freshman Class Council in the 2010-’11 school year, Dresser served as a board member on the UOFC this year. He said his time on the committee taught him that undergraduate organizations often feel confused by the funding process.

To reduce confusion, Dresser said he would work with the University’s Information Technology Services department to redesign the UOFC website. He added that, if elected, he would also post more information about the committee’s decision process online.

In addition, Dresser said he would seek to aid Yale organizations looking for funds outside of the UOFC by working with other funding sources, such as the Yale President’s Fund, to help groups find the money they need even if it cannot come from the UOFC.

Beginning next year, the UOFC will become the Undergraduate Organizations Committee, a redefinition that Dresser said will broaden the committee’s scope to cover all matters concerning student organizations. He said that he plans to use this change to open a dialogue with the University’s numerous groups.

“I want to hear what our organizations like and dislike about the current system, and then advocate to the administration about what we want to change,” Dresser said.

Joel Sircus ’14, who served with Dresser this year as a UOFC board member, said Dresser’s ability to maintain enthusiasm for a large number of activities simultaneously would serve him well as UOFC chair. He added that Dresser’s loyalty to fellow board members was key to Dresser’s success on the UOFC board.

James Campbell ’13, a fellow member of the Baker’s Dozen a cappella group who has worked with Dresser on the YCC, said that Dresser’s commitment to his peers makes him a strong candidate.

“Bobby is one of the best team players I’ve encountered in any organization I’ve been a part of,” Campbell said. “In the two years I’ve worked with him, I’ve never seen him miss a single deadline or fail to complete any of the many tasks for which he’s taken responsibility.”

Beyond student government and a cappella, Dresser is also a FOOT leader and a member of Students for Free Culture and the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity.