Interrupted. During the vice-presidential portion of Sunday’s Yale College Council election debate, two interlopers dressed in full rabbit suits stood in the doorway of Linsly-Chittenden 102, without making a scene, until YCC Vice President Omar Njie ’13 escorted them out.

To the Times. Economics professor Robert Shiller wrote an editorial in the New York Times over the weekend highlighting the need to democratize Wall Street by allowing sophisticated economic tools to become better dispersed in society.

We’re number nine. A list out from the Huffington Post last week ranks colleges in terms of Internet buzz, and Yale came in ninth. MIT topped the list, followed by Harvard and the University of Chicago.

Lock ‘em up! Ryan Nees ’11 appeared on Fox News Sunday morning to discuss indictments handed down in Indiana on Democratic elections workers charged with forging signatures to get Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton LAW ’73 on the ballot in the 2008 Democratic primary — indictments traced back to Nees’ reporting.

They’ll never let go. A New Haven Register article published Saturday examines Yale research archivist Judith Schiff’s studies of the Yalies on board the SMS Titanic when it sank on April 15, 1912, including the the real-life romance of Karl Behr 1906 and his future bride, Helen Newsom. Behr and Newsom made it into a lifeboat. Less than a year later, the two were married.

So much for no more hazing. A number of men wearing blazers, pastel trousers and pig masks were spotted in the Davenport courtyard Friday night, yelling “I’m a little piggy. Oink, oink, oink.”

Down with YCC? In addition to the candidates profiled inside this issue, another candidate has entered the Yale College Council elections fray: Quinn Zhang ’14, who’s running for YCC tsar on a platform of ending YCC elections forever, violently silencing all opposition and instating River_Tam as chief of staff. “Not the dictator Yale deserves, but the dictator Yale needs,” campaign lit reads.

No respect. A crew of Oxford rowers, including Rhodes Scholar William Zeng ’11, were interrupted in the middle of their regatta against Cambridge when a protestor swam in their path. Oxford was leading when the race stopped; in the end, Cambridge came out on top.


1980 Local home builders gather on the Green to protest unchecked inflation.