• A resolution urging Yale-NUS to uphold principles of non-discrimination and civil liberty will likely come to a vote at Thursday’s Yale College faculty meeting. Professors voted to suspend the rules to introduce and debate the resolution, written by political science and philosophy professor Seyla Benhabib, at their monthly meeting in March, but they postponed a decision on it until their April 5 meeting. Will the resolution come to a vote, and will it pass?
  • Just one week before the Yale College Council elections are slated to take place, administrators approved a proposal Wednesday that formalizes additional responsibilities of the Undergraduate Organizations Funding Committee and renames it as the Undergraduate Organization Committee.
  • According to Yale Athletics, 15 percent of the Yale College student body is on a varsity team. But 40 percent of Canadian Yalies are on a varsity team. Why the disparity? Lindsey Uniat reports.


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