Ta-Nehisi Coates, a senior editor and top blogger for The Atlantic, was on campus last week as part of a panel discussing the Civil War’s 150-year legacy. According to a post to his blog today, he had a lovely time.

“I’ve been meaning to express precisely how much I enjoyed my visit to Yale last week,” Coates wrote. “There were so many highlights.”

Coates cited sitting on the panel with Yale celebrity professor David Blight and meeting Sterling Professor David Brion Davis as two of the highlights of his trip, in addition to escaping the lonely life of a writer.

“Writers, who aren’t in the academy, spend so much time alone. If only for a moment, it was nice to come off the island,” Coates wrote. “It was a good day.”

Coates is known for his autobiography, “The Beautiful Struggle,” that chronicles his journey from the streets of Baltimore to his arrival at Howard University. His blog, simply titled Ta-Nehisi Coates, was named one of Time Magazine’s Top Blogs of 2011.

Glad you had fun, Mr. Coates! Come back soon!