Think your professors are the best in America? A new book out today from the Princeton Review “The Best 300 Professors,” names America’s top professors — and only two Yale faculty made the cut.

Paul Bracken, a professor of management and political science at the School of Management, and Karen von Kunes, a senior lector in the Slavic Languages and Literatures Department, made the book’s list of 300 professors from 122 colleges and universities across the country. The book’s ratings are based on reviews from

Bracken teaches courses such as “Problem Framing” and “Business, Government, and Globalization” at the School of Management and has been rated the best professor in Yale’s executive education programs, according to the SOM website. Von Kunes teaches elementary, intermediate and advanced Czech, as well as courses such as “In Kafka’s Spirit: Prague Film and Fiction,” taught in Prague over the summer.

How does Yale stack up with other schools? Harvard also had two professors make the list — including economics professor Gregory Mankiw — and Princeton had one. The Princeton Review also counted up how many “best professors” it found in each state, and concluded that New York has the most (25 professors), followed by Massachusetts (20) and California (19).

The academic disciplines with the most “best professors” in the book are mathematics, psychology, English, history and biology, according to a press release from the Princeton Review.