Thank you to everyone who submitted to this year’s Wallace Prize in fiction and nonfiction. We are excited to announce the winning pieces, which will be published in the May issue of the Yale Daily News Magazine.


1st Place:

“The Beekeeper” by Alex Klein ’12

2nd Place:

“Born Naked” by Lauren Oyler ’12

3rd Place (tie):

“Metal and Possibility” by Jesse Williams ’12

“Thinking Aloud” by Nora Caplan-Bricker ’12

Honorable Mention:

“Carilloneur” by Julie Zhu ’12


1st Place:

“But In That Darkness Fate Moves Its Huge Hand” by Katherine Orazem ’12

2nd Place:

“Moonlight Sonata” by Carlos Gomez ’13

3rd Place:

“The Jötnar” by Nikola Champlin ’13

Submissions were judged anonymously by a panel of professors, writers, and editors unaffiliated with the Yale Daily News.