On Monday, Gant launched a new ad campaign that features current undergrads, waxing poetic on life and fashion at Yale.

Much of this waxing happens in a video of students talking to the camera at various locations on Cross Campus, discussing — in the broadest of terms — history, fashion or some combination of the two. I’ll walk you through it.

After brief opening remarks from Thomas and Ethan — no last names in this vid, probably because these are supposed to be archetypes — we meet Ben.

“Usually I leave my shirts half tucked in, half tucked out,” says Ben, a senior economics major from Allentown, Pa. Before we have time to consider what exactly Ben means, the ad whisks us away to a man talking about how long neck ties used to smudge the ink on drawings, and how bow ties were the answer. We are wondering if that is a problem we could ever encounter when we get Thomas, who tells us he’s really into the ’80s preppy ski attire his dad wore back in the day. Next comes Matthew.

“For me, being a Yalie is being interested in life,” Matthew observes, employing a voice sorta reminiscent of indie songstress and muse Lana del Rey. “Being passionate about something, and being interested in sharing that passion with other people.”

Yeah…so as part of the campaign, Gant also released images of Yale students standing and talking about fashion, while modeling Gant clothing. You should really just watch the video below:

GANT Co-op Shirt | SS12 | Campus Talks