The Whiffenpoofs have been getting around a lot this year, with members and former members alike singing in venues as diverse as Jon Stewart’s Daily Show and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue —and ostensibly an assortment other interesting places, too. Yet no performance by the Whiffenpoofs—and I am comfortable saying this objectively and definitively—will ever be as transcendent as their recent performance of Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend” with Modern Family star and three-named phenom Jesse Tyler Ferguson. Why this video has not yet gone viral remains unclear.

The video commences with a short monologue by Ferguson. After hearing the words “Zooey Deschanel” and “Instagram,” I decided to click again to around 0:56, where the real action starts. Anything prior to the wail of the pitch pipe is but a vast hipster conspiracy, meant only prolongue the anticipation.

The performance itself is a celebration of Scandinavian pop not seen since the days of ABBA in Eurovision. It’s a veritable hoedown of foot-stomping, arm-flapping, hand-clapping fun. Ferguson is clearly having a good time, and you will be, too, as you play this video again and again to yourself in the wee hours of the morning, staving away sleep with the soulful sound of Robyn.

Of course, the performance was for charity, so, for the sake of the common good, we can only hope the Whiffenpoofs start preparing for their next celebrity collaboration soon. Can you say, “Call Me Maybe?”