Rapper T-Pain is scheduled to perform at Yale with rapper BIG RyAT on April 24 — the Tuesday of Reading Week, the date Spring Fling is typically held — according to a concert listing on BIG RyAT’s website.

T-Pain’s website does not list information about a performance at Yale. The most recent concert listing on T-Pain’s website is a Feb. 21 performance at the Adams Center in Montana. Yale College Council Events Director Katie Donley ’13 declined to comment on whether T-Pain will be playing Spring Fling.

BIG RyAT has toured with T-Pain every year since 2008, according to his website, and has worked on T-Pain’s music videos for “Chopped and Screwed,” which features Ludacris, and “Can’t Believe It,” which features Lil’ Wayne. In 2008, BIG RyAT performed with Ludacris and T-Pain on Jimmy Kimmel live, according to the website. You can watch videos of him performing with T-Pain here.

T-Pain has won two Grammy Awards in his career — once in 2008 for “Good Life” with Kanye West, and again in 2010 for his work on the Jamie Foxx hit “Blame It.” He is also known for his use of auto-tune and musical collaborations with other artists, including The Lonely Island on “I’m On A Boat,” Wiz Khalifa and Lily Allen on “5’ O’ Clock,” Flo Rida on “Low” and Baby Bash on “Cyclone.”