In a Monday email, the Yale College Council announced that summer storage regulations have been amended to include one lamp per student.

Last fall, administrators announced tighter storage restrictions that allowed students to store one couch per suite and one chair per student. After negotiating with the YCC, administrators revised the rules to include one bookshelf per student, as well.

YCC President Brandon Levin ’13 said the YCC has been working for months on expanding the regulations. Levin said he is “thrilled that [their] persistence paid off.”

“We’re very grateful to Dean Miller and Master Keil for helping to support the YCC throughout this process, and we also applaud and thank the many residential college councils that demonstrated support for these changes as well,” the YCC executive board wrote in the Monday email. “Together our show of student unity resulted in substantial institutional change!”

The new regulations now only slightly differ from last years’ — students are still prohibited from storing a rug and two framed pictures in their suites.