Video overload. Fresh off the heels of the Yale Record’s “Jelly Beans,” two new Yale-born YouTube videos are trying to make it big on the Internet. One, a piece titled “Frap Bros,” features several bros discussing their favorite varieties of frappuccino. Another, titled “Call Me Baby,” features Julie Shain ’13 in a parody of the Carly Rae Jepsen hit “Call Me Maybe.”

Connecticut matters. The eyes of the Northeast are on Harford this weekend as the Big East women’s college basketball tournament descends on Hartford’s XL Center this weekend. The event draws more than 40,000 people each year.

Admissions responds on Conan? In a bit Thursday night, comedian Conan O’Brien featured a video reportedly from Yale’s Office of Undergraduate Admissions responding to a YouTube video produced by deferred Yale applicant Jackie Milestone called “White and Blue for You.” The video response on Conan features admissions officers telling Milestone she just had not done enough to earn admission. “Next time, write a better essay. Do better on the SAT,” the officers recommend. “Make a large cash donation … Good luck next year at Arizona State.”

Scandal at Columbia. The Columbia University College Republicans’ president and director of finance resigned on Thursday after evidence emerged that the two had drafted documents inviting Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to campus, and that the two had lied to other members of the CUCR’s board about drafting the documents.

Join the club. Following the lead of Yale, Brown and Penn, Princeton officials announced on Thursday that, for business reasons, the New Jersey Ivy would no longer invest with HEI Hospitality, a Norwalk-based hotel investment firm that has been accused of mistreating its employees. Yale announced in November it would not make any new investments in HEI.

Filial piety, alive and well. A 71-year-old Connecticut man has decided not to pursue further legal action to evict his 98-year-old mother from her home in Fairfield. The man said he wanted to evict his mother so she could live with him, but his mother did not want to leave the family home.

Awarded. Jourdan Urbach ’12 has won a Jefferson Award, a top national public service award. Urbach’s work with Concerts for a Cure has raised more than $5.1 million for medical research.

1966 The Economics Departmnet adds four new courses combining theoretical and practical statistics.