Rudi-Ann Miller may just be like any other prefrosh admitted to Yale’s class of 2016. But at Stuyvesant High School, she doesn’t even have to try to stand out.

According to an article published in the New York Times on Saturday, Miller is one of just 40 black students currently enrolled at the Lower Manhattan high school. At Stuyvesant, 1.2 percent of 3,295 students are black, while 72.5 percent are Asian.

To gain admission, Miller scored well above the cutoff for Stuyvesant, whose acceptance rate is well under those of Harvard or Yale. The racial discrepancy at Stuyvesant can be attributed to the admission system for New York City’s eight specialized high schools, the article shows.

It also shows Miller staying up all night, two nights in a row, to get her work done — a skill that will no doubt come in handy when she arrives in New Haven next fall.