• After experiencing a decline in the number of history majors in recent years, the History Department is making changes to better showcase the opportunities it offers. In response to concerns about students’ ability to form a cohesive course of study in the major, the department will feature on its website “thematic pathways” that list history courses in areas from environmental history to international affairs, said Steven Pincus, director of undergraduate studies for the department.
  • The New Haven Police Department’s new shooting task force made its first arrest Friday.

    Less than two weeks after NHPD Chief Dean Esserman created the unit with the help of the State’s Attorney’s Office, the task force arrested Gary Williams for the December shootings of Anthony Moore and Jermell Gibson at Poplar and Chatham streets. The arrest came after the NHPD received a tip-off in January from a Wallingford police detective, according to a NHPD press release.

  • On Friday night, the Yale branch of the non-profit organization Wishing Well, which aims to bring sources of clean water to developing communities across the globe, held the opening reception for an art auction drawing on works donated by students and Yale School of Art faculty. Called the “Contemporary Conceptions of Water Charity Art Auction,” the event drew about 50 people to Silliman College’s Maya’s Room art gallery. As of Sunday afternoon, the auction, which is ongoing through Thursday, had received over $2,000 in bids.


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