What would you do to get into Yale? For Jackie Milestone, the answer is a four minute smorgasboard of singing, guitar and Yale apparel.

After being deferred this fall, Milestone uploaded a song about her Yale deferral to Youtube on Tuesday. The catchy hook comes from the line: “Yale, you’ve made me white and blue for you.”

“Yale is more than just my first choice school, it is a school I know well and have dreamed of attending ever since I discovered that colleges existed,” reads the video’s description.

At the two minute mark, Milestone takes a break to order chocolate milkshake and pizza from Yorkside to her home in Philadelphia (though clearly she’s not a Yalie yet, otherwise it would have been moosetracks). In the lyrics of her song, it appears that her father was a Saybrugian.

Jackie currently has over 300 views and a number of supportive comments. From her possibly unintentional key change to the undulations of her waterbed, we wish her all the best of luck.

Watch the video below: