A spinoff of YaleLunch, which is itself a spinoff of HarvardLunch, is headed to Princeton, according to the Daily Princetonian.

“This is a wonderful opportunity to break up the routine and get out of your comfort zone and potentially develop really great friendships from that,” said Princeton freshman Austin Jackson. He said he contacted the founder or Harvard Lunch and asked him to set up a Princeton version of the site.

Just in case you forgot how this all works, users of Yale Lunch (or Princeton Lunch, or Harvard Lunch) enter their name and email address. The website then sends them the contact deets of a rando on campus who’s also interested in getting lunch.

“The Yale Daily News caught wind of it, published an article that was very critical of it, citing it as a reason why Harvard sucks,” Seth Riddley, the Harvard senior who started the website, said in the Princetonian. “Today, Yalelunch.com is even more popular on Yale’s campus.”

As for Princeton Lunch, Princeton’s student government is evidently packaging the new site in its new program “with the goal of promoting unity and fun” among Princetonians. We wish them the very best.