Inspired by President Obama’s recently released campaign playlist, whose tunes so accurately capture America’s national climate (e.g., “Green Onions,” by Booker Ts & The MGs), we compiled a soundtrack for the every day of Yale life.

Dubra: “Fade into Darkness,” Avicii

Ronnell Higgins: “Not Afraid,” Eminem

McKinsey info session: “Turn My Swag On,” Soulja Boy

TD: “Somewhere Only We Know,” Keane

EliApps: “Ayo Technology,” 50 Cent ft. Justin Timberlake

Three-fourths of Yale guys: “Makes Me Wonder,” Maroon 5

Shopping period: “Wake Me Up When September Ends,” Green Day

“Are you Jewish?”: “Should’ve Said No,” Taylor Swift

Yale Summer Session: “Nias in Paris,” Jay-Z and Kanye West

New Haven Green: “Ready to Die,” by Notorious B.I.G.

Section: “Blah Blah Blah,” Ke$ha

Skipping section: “Livin’ La Vida Loca,” Ricky Martin

Your personal librarian: “Who’s Dat Chick?” Rihanna ft. David Guetta

G-Heav: “I Make Good Girls Go Bad,” Cobra Starship

The 5,225 of us not in 50 Most: “Beautiful,” Christina Aguilera

The guy who takes the last chicken tender: “Die,” Lupe Fiasco

Freshmen: “We Be Burnin’,” Sean Paul

Seniors: “Vaporize,” Broken Bells

Saturday (10 p.m.): “In for the Kill,” La Roux

Sunday (12 a.m.): “We Found Love,” Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris

Sunday (2:30 to 2:34 a.m.): “Bedrock,” Young Money

Sunday (10 a.m.): “Blame It,” Jamie Foxx ft. T-Pain

Sunday (10:02 a.m.): “Lessons Learned,” Matt and Kim

Next Saturday: “Back at your Door,” Maroon 5

Mary Miller: “Hey Ma,” Cam’ron

Second-semester senior: “Party and Bullshit,” Notorious B.I.G.

Meeting with your academic adviser: “Hello Goodbye,” The Beatles

Class on Science Hill: “A Thousand Miles,” Vanessa Carlton

Excellent yield in orgo lab (with minimal impurities): “Like a G6,” Far East Project

The last 20 minutes of seminar: “Misery,” Maroon 5

The VAAD: “The What,” Notorious B.I.G.

Funny Yale memes: “One,” Swedish House Mafia

Freshman Screw: “Bottoms Up,” Keke Palmer

Safety Dance: “Too Drunk to Fuck,” Dead Kennedys

Getting kicked out of Box 63: “Club Can’t Even Handle Me Right Now,” Flo Rida

Sunday morning brunch: “Rumor Has It,” Adele

Rush SigEp: “Billionaire,” Travie McCoy

Rush SAE: “Seek Bromance,” Tim Berg

Rush SigChi: “Where Dem Girls At,” David Guetta

Hot MCDB major: “Princess of China,” Coldplay ft. Rihanna

Alpha Delta delivery guy at 3:01 am: “Hero,” Chad Kroeger

Tofu apple crisp, bacon cupcakes, a cappella: “Doin’ Too Much,” Snoop Dogg

Maria Yagoda ’12: “Don’t Stop Believing,” Journey