“Roll of a Lifetime” may be one the of the most under appreciated rolls at Miya’s.

While it’s on one of the most popular pages of Miya’s menu — Sushi for the Masses — it’s often forgotten under large orders of the ever popular “Spicy Broccoli Roll,” “Spicy Arctic Char Roll,” or any of the other 8 pieces for $3.50 (which, by the way, used to be a measly $2.50). Roll of a Lifetime is 5 pieces for $3.50, but don’t worry, the pieces are almost twice the radius of those in the 8 for $3.50 rolls.

This roll is incredible! It’s stuffed with baked arctic char skin and asparagus, and if you’re lucky, sometimes there’s also a bit of cooked arctic char meat in there too. The asparagus is pretty standard: fresh and crunchy. The baked arctic char skin, however, is genius. It’s crispy, oily, savory, and overall just delicious. Don’t dip it in the soy sauce — you’ll tamper the flavor of the fish skin.

The one downside, I must admit, is that the aftertaste is extremely fishy. Bring a piece of gum or some mints, or better yet, wash out the flavor with a pitcher of the deliciously spicy “Undocumented Immigrant Cocktail” (again, what’s with the name, Miya’s?!). ASK FOR 10 CUBES OF ICE. Otherwise you’ll end up fleeced, like most other customers, paying $13.75 for a pitcher that contains mostly ice (this even more applicable to Starbucks…) After all, if Miya’s quietly increased the price by 40% on the Sushi for the Masses from $2.50 to $3.50, you’re going to have to be bit sneaky too.