You know how the line goes: behind every great college…is a great dean. Vivacious, intellectual, and bursting at the seams with knowledge about archaic art, Dean Mary Miller’s dazzling image sits fondly in our hearts this Valentine’s Day. Whether she is philosophizing about art history at the Freshman Assembly or putting Harvard in its place, Yalies can count on Dean Miller’s shining beacon to guide them through the darkness of midterms.

Before Dean Miller became Dean Miller, she read and wrote books about art in the ancient New World (a paradox, like the Dean herself). Publications included “The Art of Mesoamerica” and “The Gods and Symbols of Ancient Mexico and the Maya.” The Mayans were resourceful, innovative people who built the foundations of astronomy and architecture. We would love to go star-gazing with Dean Miller at the Leitner Observatory, or just up on Science Hill, but she’s probably too busy combating misogyny or hanging out with Woody Allen.

The only thing more near and dear to Dean Miller’s heart than we (the students) are is her furry feline companion, Rainbow. When she was still Master of Saybrook College, Dean Miller got a portrait done of herself, her husband and Rainbow. At the time, Saybrook Dean Paul McKinley noted, “I realize that the three of them together have been the masters of this college.” So what does the presence of “Master Rainbow” say about Dean Miller’s capacity’s as a leader? Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper — a fervent cat-lover himself — once proclaimed, “If you elect a dog person, you elect someone who wants to be loved. If you elect a cat person, you elect someone who wants to serve.”

Despite our most noble attempts, details about our dear Dean’s private life remain elusive. Luckily, there is a twitter for us to indulge in all our wild imaginings.

Dean Mary Miller could not be reached for comment about whether she believes, as the Mayans did, that the world will end in December of 2012.