We will always love her. Students eating in Berkeley College were treated to a boombox rendition of Whitney Houston’s “Star-Spangled Banner” late Sunday night. As the late music star’s version of the national anthem played, students eating in the dining hall at the time said the mood turned solemn. Houston died Saturday at the age of 48.

Don’t go. Piersonites concerned about Pierson Master Harvey Goldblatt’s anticipated departure at the end of the next academic year are circulating a petition to encourage the longtime master to stay. Master G, who has served as Pierson master since 1994, is also the chair of the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures.

Yale Tomorrow, yesterday. Though the University pulled in $3.88 billion in its record-breaking five-year Yale Tomorrow campaign, Stanford University announced it had raised $6.2 billion in the five-year Stanford Challenge campaign, which ended Dec. 31. Stanford garnered 560,000 gifts from 166,000 donors to surpass its $4.3 billion goal, according to a press release.

Conspiracy theories. A new debate has emerged concerning the University’s offer during World War II to evacuate the children of Oxford University staff from war-torn Britain to the United States, according to a recent article in The Daily Mail. Some scholars argue that Yale extended the invitation in an attempt to save Britain’s “intellectually superior children,” the article stated.

Forget Sex Week. Ezra Stiles College’s “Arts Week” ended Sunday with a “classical brunch” event held in Master Stephen Pitti’s house. Organized by Stiles’ Arts Week coordinators, the series ran Feb. 5-12 and featured cookie-decorating activities, crafts projects and a cabaret show in the Crescent Theater.

But not completely. Sex Week events held today include a Yale Faculty Lunch Series talk with Office of LGBTQ Resources Director Maria Trumpler, a workshop on the “imperfect art of dating” at St. Thomas More and a “Fornication 101” talk with Oh Megan! Sex Week began Feb. 4 and will conclude tomorrow on Valentine’s Day.


1918 Student managers of Yale’s eating houses meet to approve the University’s food conservation rules, intended to save money on food. The rules, by request of the United States Food Administration, state that Mondays and Wednesdays will be observed as “wheatless” days, Tuesdays as “meatless” days and Saturdays as “porkless” days. In addition, at least one meal every day must be either meatless or wheatless.