The Emancipation of Memes. Facebook news feeds across campus exploded throughout the day Thursday as a new Facebook page called “Yale Memes” distracted students from midterms. In just a day, the page accrued over 1,700 fans and dozens of memes touching on common Yale experiences, such as subpar dining options, Yale-Quinnipiac relations, sober Toad’s and consulting. It also got real later in the day, with memes about Title IX and race.

Fox News comes to Yale. The Bill O’Reilly show featured a segment on Sex Week on Thursday. The five-minute video clip features shots of a reporter for the show asking students questions about Sex Week. A few were visibly offended.

Dems are famous. The Yale College Democrats are getting attention for their “Change Is” Facebook campaign. The Dems earned a Chapter Spotlight on the blog of the national College Democrats, and Jim Messina, President Barack Obama’s campaign manager, told the Dems to “keep up the good work,” according to a Tweet from Yale spokesman Michael Morand.

The birds. Yalies enjoying Blue Dog Café late Thursday morning had to clear out briefly so that two pigeons that had come to hang out could be removed from the facility.

Nom. An exhibit called “Big Food: Health, Culture and the Evolution of Eating” opens at the Peabody Museum tomorrow. The exhibit features information about food, food history and our hunter-gatherer origins. The Museum will hold an opening celebration from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, featuring crafts, a puppet show, a scavenger hunt and a Zumba class.

Honored. Mike Davies, the CEO of the New Haven Open at Yale tennis tournament who was once Britain’s top tennis player, will be inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame, according to a Thursday press release.

A theft at Wine Thief. Crown Street’s favorite liquor store, The Wine Thief, saw a theft of its own early Thursday morning. A burglar threw a rock through the window shortly after 3 a.m. and was captured on security footage. Yale Police later apprehended a man matching the description of the suspect at the corner of Elm and Park Streets with a $250 bottle of wine from Chateau Teyssier on his person, the New Haven Register reported.


2003 The New Haven Police Department starts building an online database of email addresses to alert residents about crime trends.