The decision is in — Nancy G. Brinker, the founder and chief executive of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, will speak at the School of Public Health’s Commencement, after all.

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Last week, the Komen Foundation ran into controversy when it announced it would no longer provide funding to Planned Parenthood, a decision it later reversed after public outcry. A group of students asked the School to reconsider inviting Brinker to speak, and YSPH spokesman Michael Greenwood said the matter was under review.

But in a Monday press release, Paul Cleary, the school’s dean, announced that, despite the controversy, Brinker will speak at Commencement.

“Yale cannot allow the threat of disruption or the possibility of distasteful content or an objectionable speaker to constitute grounds for canceling an invited speaker,” Cleary said in the press release. “I support this policy—it is essential to the academic mission that we all embrace.”

Cleary also said in the press release that he would like to create appropriate venues for the YSPH community to discuss the issue. A meeting is scheduled for Wednesday at noon in Winslow Auditorium.