Get your condoms ready. Sex Week 2012 starts today, with some dirty storytelling in Sudler Hall at 9 p.m. True Love Week starts Sunday, with a speech from Vicki Horn, the “Foundress of Project Rachel.”

Dollar bills. David Swensen, the manager of Yale’s $19 billion endowment, spoke earlier this week at the John C. Bogle Legacy Forum in New York City. At the Bloomberg Link-hosted forum, Swensen said that only people with access to “incredibly highly qualified professionals” should be active in their investing. Otherwise, 100 percent passive investing is the best route, he said.

Abolition in New Haven. Antonio DiBenedetto, the owner of Rocco’s Bakery in Fair Haven, was sentenced to three years’ probation after he admitted last week to knowingly employing undocumented immigrants. A forthcoming civil suit will address allegations that DiBenedetto abused the workers sexually, physically and verbally, the New Haven Register reported.

Rape jokes? Really? Controversy has come to the University of Connecticut after the campus TV station posted a video to its website that students say made light of rape. The video has since been removed from the website.

Keep that neck warm. A student-produced video starring kids from the Yale Record made its way around Facebook Thursday. In the clip, one student is stabbed after he refuses to give up his scarf to a mugger, and the other students can’t help because the scarves are important to their look.

Racism? The U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights is investigating Harvard University and Princeton University for complaints it has received that both schools discriminate against Asian-Americans in undergraduate admissions, Bloomberg reported Thursday. The allegations involve the same Asian-American applicant, who claimed that Harvard and Princeton rejected him on the basis of his race and national origin.

Help the little ones. In a Thursday press conference, Gov. Dannel Malloy outlined a $12 million plan to improve the state’s early childhood education programs, the Hartford Courant reported.

More for the little ones. Listen up, juniors: freshman counselor applications for 2012-’13 are due today.


1947 An influx of veterans registering for spring term bring Yale College to a record-high enrollment of nearly 3,000, with the expectation that it will grow in the fall.