Around 25 students, faculty and administrators celebrated the opening of a new study space for history graduate students Wednesday.

The space — a suite of three former dorm rooms on the second floor of the Hall of Graduate Studies — is now available for graduate students in the History Department to study, meet with undergraduates and socialize, Graduate School Dean Thomas Pollard said. This comes as the Graduate School is making efforts to find more study spaces for its students, particularly in humanities departments that do not have space for students to meet and work.

The Graduate School obtained the space by swapping a suite of rooms designated for the dean in the HGS tower for the second-floor dorm rooms, Pollard said. The rooms were “spruced up,” furnished and outfitted with a card key that will permit history students to access them. They are located up one flight of stairs from the HGS dining hall.

Earlier this year, one room in Linsly-Chittenden Hall was identified for use by English graduate students, and the English Department has opened its faculty library to its graduate students, Pollard said.